41 days till 27 months

Okay first of all, I’m supposed to give a disclaimer that everything that I write on this blog is solely from me, and Peace Corps is not to be responsible in any way. Peace Corps is not accountable for my opinions.

So that’s out of the way.

My name is Maggie, I’m 22 years old (and I’ll be writing this blog until I’m 24. Oh god.), and I’m starting service in the Peace Corps on October 21st. I’ll be serving in Jordan as a Special Education volunteer. Right now I have 41 days until I leave for Jordan and I’m alternating between being really excited and really really scared. I guess that’s normal? Anyway people keep asking me if I’ll have a blog, so here it is.

I’m pretty sure I’ll have more interesting things to write about soon…but until then you can look forward to updates on packing, taking the GRE, and waiting waiting waitinggggggggggggggg.



One response to “41 days till 27 months

  1. Margaret Toby, you are wonderful and I love to you.

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