Today I said goodbye to my dad and my dog and got on a plane to Philadelphia. I brought two bags (40 lbs each), my guitar, and a critically overstuffed backpack. And that’s all I’ve got with me from my life back home for the next two years. I’m looking at all of it right now in my hotel room, and it seems amazing that that will be enough, but I guess it’ll have to be.

It’s been really really hard saying goodbye to everyone these past few weeks. I’ve pretty much been a crazy emotion-monster.  Even with all the goodbyes though, it still didn’t seem real somehow that I was leaving…like I was only hypothetically joining the Peace Corps? I don’t know, it was trippy. I guess you can’t really process or even imagine an experience this weird until it happens. But when I watched my dad walk away in the airport it really hit me that this will be the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing him or talking to him. And that’s true for Everyone. I. Know. Needless to say, I ended up doing a walk-and-sob through airport security, which was probably really uncomfortable for everyone around me who just didn’t understand the kind of emotional precipice I was teetering over. And I might have left my waterbottle on the plane and started tearing up when the flight attendants couldn’t find it and wouldn’t let me go back onto the empty plane to look for it (really though, I loved that waterbottle, and where am I going to get another Juan & Maria’s Empanada Stand sticker?! Not in Jordan.) Anyway I got through okay and ended up in the right place…and I think that’s pretty much going to be gold standard for me this week. To quote my mom (which hopefully won’t make me cry), “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life’s REAL hard.”


4 responses to “Inches

  1. Maggie, I’m so glad that I read Facebook today and found that you have a blog so I can keep up with your journey. Believe me, I will be reading it everyday! I hope you will be able to take pictures and post them…is that possible? Lots of love, Grandma

  2. You moved more than a few inches today, Mooshie! Love you lots! Mom

  3. Tobey Close – It was hard for me to walk away. You’ll find that life has many walk-aways. The act of turning your back on a loved one is so strange and contradictory, yet necessary for that loved one to start a New Adventure. Go get ’em, Tobey Close

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