Counterpart Conference & Site Visit

This week I went to a counterpart conference in Amman to meet my mudier and my counterpart, and then after the conference I went back to Ramtha with them to spend the night on my counterpart’s floor, see the school, and sign the lease on my apartment! It was a pretty crazy day for me… I started the day in a blazer and ended it in my jammies on counterpart’s kitchen floor. The next day I got to see my center for the first time, which was really exciting. They happened to be having a party that day for the volunteer I’m replacing at the site, so I got to eat lots of popcorn and date filled cookies and dance dhebka with the students and all the teachers. It was a good way to meet my future colleagues. I like the center a lot. It’s big, with around 30 kids and four teachers, and it’s a government-run site so the facilities are actually really nice. And out back there’s an olive grove, a chicken/duck/pigeon coop, and a garden with a beautiful view of the Irbid farmlands.  From what I could tell, the teachers and my mudier were all really friendly and seemed happy to have me, so things are off to a good start.

After the party at the center I got to check out my future apartment, which is the bottom floor of a big house about a block away from my center. I’ll be living underneath my landlady and her family, all of whom seem like lovely people. They introduced themselves, explained that I was their new daughter, and promptly made me mansef. I’m really happy to be living under a family, especially since the area where I’m living is really rural and spread out, so I think I’d have a hard time meeting people if I wasn’t directly underneath a family already. I like the area a lot though. I’m about a 20 minute walk from the city of Ramtha, out in the farmlands where things are a lot quieter and also prettier. My apartment is super small, but it’s got a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, so there’s nothing to complain about really. And I’m less than a five minute walk from work, which is a bonus. 2 more weeks of training and then I swear in and get to move to this lovely place!


One response to “Counterpart Conference & Site Visit

  1. Aunt Suzy and Uncle Greg

    Merry Christmas Maggie! Only 2 more weeks of training for you…woo hoo!
    You must be so excited to start the next part of your adventure and begin volunteering. So glad that you like your new host family, your downstairs apartment, the center, and the beautiful area. Wish we could be over there with you right now, taking a long walk and checking out the area, seeing the olive groves and beautiful views with you. We love you! Aunt Suzy and Uncle Greg

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