Christmas in Jordan

A Peace Corps Christmas Carol

On the first day of Christmas, Peace Corps gave to me…

A soba* with a gas tank

2 jars of peanut butter, and a soba with a gas tank

3 phone cards, 2 jars of peanut butter, and a soba with a gas tank

4 ugly sweaters, etc.

5 mansef platters

6 turkish coffees

7 bedouin scarves

8 Arabic flashcards

9 language tutors

10 Good Time bars

11 bags of pita

12 cups of chai


*a soba is a giant and slightly dangerous gas or wood-powered stove that heats the room in Jordanian homes

Merry Christmas, everybody! I’ve never spent a Christmas in closer proximity to Bethlehem and further from my family. I’ve never had a Christmas day that started with an Arabic lesson and a 2 hour training on mandated reporting and ended in a 90’s dance party. And I’ve never eaten my Christmas Eve dinner at a United States embassy, or cried during a group viewing of A Muppet Christmas. I’ve never had a Christmas like this one, and overall it was a pretty weird and wonderful holiday- like most of my experiences here in Jordan. It was hard being away from friends and family…harder even than I thought it would be. I think all of us felt it the most on Christmas morning, when we were dragging through another day of training when all we wanted was to open presents and sing carols and be around the people we love. But sometimes it takes a really tough emotional experience to remind you of the community you have around you.  I know that was really true for me these past few days. So I’m thankful for my friends and family here in Jordan, and even more thankful for the people supporting me back home. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and thanks for the love, everybody.


2 responses to “Christmas in Jordan

  1. Maggie, I laughed and cried when I read your Christmas Carol from Jordan and wished that I had been able to give you a hug and share the day with you. Merry Christmas a day late! Thanks for telling us about your new assignment and apartment and I hope you will be comfortable there with your new Jordanian family. Just as soon as I get your new mailing address I plan to send a package to you. Much love, Grandma

  2. You clever girl! I’m sure you enjoyed that peanut butter! More than you would enjoy a partridge, especially if you had to eat it 🙂 Love you and miss you so much! Mom

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